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Brennus Ciaradh is the dragon who created havoc when emerging from an astral rift on the night of Seattle's 2077 Gubernatorial election.

Until his name was revealed in Ep 56, he was referred to as Prince.[1]

In the Corporate Metagame[]

The earliest reference to this dragon was in Seattle Street News[2].

It was mentioned in the headline story of SSN #42.

SSN reporter Demmalition1 was the first to name the dragon Prince in Purple Reign, a very detailed account of the events that took place on the night of the aforementioned 2077 gubernatorial election[3].

In Corporate SINs[]

First pictures[]

MMFEC first met Prince on a run[4] to retrieve the drone eye lost by Thoth, an SSN reporter. This drone contained the first pictures taken of Prince near the Shiawase building in Seattle. MMFEC found the drone, surprisingly, in a Shiawase warehouse among the possessions of a Saeder-Krupp employee, Elijah Burnett.

First encounter[]

The events related in SSN #42 and SSN #43 took place in Ep 40 and Ep 41.

The Hand of Dusk[]

While Brennus Ciaradh has remained largely out of view, MMFEC has had several run-ins with representatives and goons of The Hand of Dusk. This organization created by or around Ciaradh purports to end the domination of megacorporations over the world.

Lost in space[]

Brennus Ciaradh was killed, or at the very least, trapped by the detonation of a nuclear device in the astral rift created and sustained by two groups of mages from the Hand of Dusk. Ciaradh had entered the rift to safely go from a temporary base in the Redmond Barrens to the space station his cult had launched and set up in orbit. Scarlet Fyre was responsible for planting the device, MMFEC didn't interfere.[5]

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