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A brunch is a meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch. The word is a portmanteau.

In Corporate SINs[]

A brunch is not a meal at all. Brunch means trouble. It is a dreadful foe for MMFEC, right alongside doors and fences.

MMFEC's latest[1] brunch encounters took place at the beginning and end of Ep 43.

The first time, what started as a reunion between Ma1nfram3[2] and her old friend Dani Denner in a café escalated into a full-blown fight where Fang served sliced soy-based oatmeal[3] to puzzled Ares guards, who in turn used Mordecai and Fang as cannon fodder before Elsie saved the day. The second time, MMFEC mostly spent some "quality" time in Ma1nfram3's soon-to-be former flat washing dirty laundry[4] and delving into one another's secrets in a conversation that was at times salty or spicy.

  1. As of Ep 44. Oldest brunches need to be documented.
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  3. Shiawase Oatmeal Mist.
  4. Speaking of which, a certain towel... But that's another story.