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In Corporate SINs[]

Buffing in the bathroom is what Mordecai spends his time doing during the first fight of Ep 1 at the Rapid Rabbit, temporarily increasing several stats and putting them to little use.

This is therefore one of the first memes associated to the show.

It is referenced, more or less explicitly, during runs when MMFEC encounter a bathroom or waste their time.

After going from trap to trap and receiving an unexpected message from Maris, the late Cromwell's tea lady, MMFE were unsurprisingly on their guard. That's when Mordecai told a fretting Fang:

Go buff in the bathroom if you have to.

This was followed by a bit of gallows humor, when it was remarked that:

It won't happen again at the Rapid Rabbit.[1]

In the Corporate Metagame[]

Reacting to the corporations all doing research with the optional +2 bonus and Zak's frustration about it, Dan remarked that they are buffing in the bathroom. A few minutes later, he added, unless it was really Mordecai speaking, that buffing makes sense.[2]

  1. See Ep 64. Cheryl kindly proceeded to refer the audience to this wikia for more information.
  2. See Ep 6, during the first ever Corporate (not really) Wars segment.