Ma1nfram3 and Captain Paul Moore

Captain Paul Moore is a shipping ship captain with a vaguely piratical air and a romantic interest with Ma1nfram3. He has provided some assistance to MMFEC since their first meeting, but is disliked by Fang due to his relations with Ma1n.

First Appearance Edit

Captain Moore was first encountered in Episode 23, where the Shadowrunners boarded his Wuxing container ship Empress to protect the cargo from a Yakuza raid. During the course of the invasion, Captain Moore dodged death several times, much to the amazement of Ma1nfram3. She later saved Captain Moore's life using the Accident boon provided by Wuxing; the boon caused a Yakuza to knock himself out rather than dealing a fatal katana blow to the Captain. He helps the team with their rushed getaway back to the mainland by lending a dinghy from the Empress.

Romance with Ma1nfram3 Edit

At the conclusion of the fight (Ep 24), Ma1nfram3 and Paul exchanged contact information. In Ep 25, Ma1n and Captain Moore went on a first date (dinner and a waterfront walk in Seattle). Fang was very upset to hear about this date, which led Fang to tell Ma1nfram3 that Mordecai had said he was in love with Ma1n.

Ex Marks The Spot Edit

In Ep 26, Ma1nfram3 calls Paul to ask for help finding off-grid travel to avoid triggering the terms of Fang's parole. There is also flirting. Paul refers the team to a boat run by his ex, Captain Rachel Grant, who Fang befriends in an attempt to dig up dirt on the Captain.

Other Facts Edit

  • Captain Moore's Matrix avatar is dressed like a pirate character from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Captain Moore had three children with Rachel Grant, which he waited until Ep 42 to disclose to Ma1nfram3 in an awkward conversation that also included updates about his job.
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