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Captain Pickles is Elsie's dog, a Boston Terrier. He has a cybernetic eye capable of capturing low-quality footage[1].


Captain Pickles stars in the one-off episode between episodes 27 and 28.

While under the care of a sick Cromwell, he was dognapped from Elsie's yard by Elsie's half-sister, Violet, in events that spanned the very end of Ep 57 and the beginning of Ep 58. He spent most of Ep 58 in a duffel bag carried by Violet. Violet knew from old times in Boston that threatening Captain Pickles would be an effective way of getting at Elsie. When freed from the bag, Captain Pickles was immediately moderately affectionate toward Violet[2], which Elsie explained thus:

Everybody is a friend he hasn't met yet.

  1. Elsie tried to use this capability in Ep 58.
  2. GM's decision.