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Cheryl Platz is a Seattle-based professional actress and software designer who plays the Decker character Ma1nfram3 on Hyper RPG's "Shadowrun: Corporate SINs".

On July 31, 2020, Cheryl changed her handle on social media from muppetaphrodite to funnygodmother.

Acting Bio[]

Cheryl has been a professional improv, film, video, and musical theater actress in the Seattle area for over a decade. Highlights:

  • 8-year veteran ensemble member of Unexpected Productions, home of Seattle TheatreSports.
  • Actress at Seattle Experimental Theater, including 5+ years as "Leiliana" and "Nurse Chapel" in the improvised Star Trek parody "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
  • Performer at the Sesame Place theme park for three seasons, including full-body character portrayals, puppetry, and live performance
  • Co-star and writer for "I'd See It If", a movie trailer video review series produced by MSN (2009)
  • Voice actor for The Sims 2 DS and various industrial videos
  • Represented by MAM Artists for film, video and voiceover work

NERDprov & CorpSINs[]

Cheryl is one of the six founding members of Seattle-based improv group NERDprov (fellow founding members include CorpSINs cast members Dan Posluns and Tony Beeman) Fellow cast member Jeannine Clarke joined the NERDprov cast in 2011. NERDprov specializes in storytelling inspired by various nerd fandoms, and has been featured repeatedly at Emerald City ComicCon, Bumbershoot, GeekGirlCon, and Unexpected Productions.

NERDprov was approached by Hyper RPG CEO Zac Eubank to start the Corporate SINs show, with Lauren Bond joining the cast shortly thereafter as GM and Claudia Jacob coming on to fill the final spot in the cast.