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Shadowrun: Corporate SINs is a live table top RPG show that aired on Wednesdays at 6pm PST on Hyper RPG. The show is based on the Shadowrun RPG system (5th Edition) and the Shadowrun extended universe.

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Shadowrun: Corporate SINs is a live table-top RPG show aired weekly on Wednesdays from 6 PM - 9 PM PST on the Hyper RPG Twitch Channel. The game itself is based on the Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG system and setting. Additionally, Hyper RPG subscribers participate in the Corporate Metagame, controlling the actions of ten major Corporations and hiring the players to enact shadowruns against other, competing Corporations.

Basic Information[]

Shadowrun: Corporate SINs[1] tells the story of MMFEC, a group a Shadowrunners: operators who work outside of the law in a futuristic dystopian world where both magic and technology allow corporations almost total control.

Sneak peek[]

These are two lines from the car chase in Ep 6:

Lauren (GM): There is a lot of things shooting at you right now.

Claudia (Fang): I feel like there is more people trying to kill us than be friends with us in this game.



  1. As a fight was going badly in Ep 43, the folllowing alternative title was suggested in jest: There are so may things you could have done differently.

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