About the metagame Edit

Subscribers to the Hyper RPG channel participate in the corporate metagame, in which each subscriber sits on the board of one of Shadowrun's ten AAA Corporations.

Currently, the metagame isn't documented on this wiki (any volunteers?), but the mods on Hyper RPG twitch channel, and on the Hyper RPG discord will be happy to get you started on your road to being an evil corporate overlord!

April 2017 revamp Edit

The upcoming revamp of the metagame in April 2017 caused the various corporations in the metagame to spend their remaining points all at once. The ensuing pandemonium, of which Horizon was the main victim and Saeder-Krupp the main beneficiary in terms of market shares, was role-played through a handful of eye-catching, if not outright cataclysmic, events:

  • RyRy, the Corporate News guy, was "kidnapped" on air at the end of his final "Corporate Wars" segment;
  • Evo's space station collided into Mitsuhama's Mars base, which had been seen sent on a crash course towards Earth[1];
  • A SpiceBOT concert held jointly by Horizon and Saeder-Krupp was actually a cover for their more duplicitous actions involving multiple runner teams, industrial sabotage, and an all-out assault on both Horizon Media and SK-Aerospace. In what the Seattle Street News dubbed the “Concert Freefall”, the Seattle Metroplex marketplace lost a combined ¥200 billion in value overnight.[2]
  1. See SSN #52.
  2. This paragraph is mostly adapted from demmalition1's headline story in SSN #53. The SpiceBOT are mentioned in a different story of the same issue.
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