Granny Daisy Powell currently lives in the Arctic Apartments in the Aurora area. A former Corp Scout, with extensive knowledge of Corp Scout cookies.

First Appearance in "Coming for Winther".

She returns as the intended victim of Aztechnology's blood magic ritual to save the town of Hermosillo. In addition to being a survivor of a previous VITAS outbreak with the required antibodies, Daisy Powell is also a former employee of Aztechnology who has fallen out of favor with that corporation.

She is approached by Elsie during one of her after-school meetings with SINless children in Ep 42. She is rather cheerful, considering what happened to her during the the VITAS incident. She is the one who first mentions the Squires program and its unofficial branch[1].

  1. This meeting was also an opportunity for the GM to give more context about the Corp Scouts and their seasonal cookie sales.