Dani Denner is currently a PR specialist for the Ares Corporation. She is the point of contact at Ares that provided an experimental drone for Ma1nfram3's use.

First Appearance Edit

Dani makes contact with Ma1nfram3 somewhat unexpectedly in Episode X, prior to the Horizon run. She suggested Ma1n as a candidate for beta testing of a new Ares drone. Ma1n accepts the offer, but is cautious about the circumstances in which she will use the experimental drone. The nature of their relationship is not specified.

Later appearances Edit

Dani contacts Ma1nfram3 in the middle of her investigations of the missing Amethyst Order children. After exchanging a few pleasantries about the election-related footage she received from Ma1nfram3, she requests to meet her in a café in the Greenwood area for a brunch. Ma1nfram3 is clearly upset by this particular call at this particular time and accepts Fang's assistance for the meeting[1].

During the meeting, Dani demands that Acacia (Ma1nfram3's real name) stop decking and strongly states that Ma1nframe has caused and shall stop causing problem for them[2]. The explanation for Dani's strange half-friend, half-foe behavior during this encounter comes later, as she whispers to Ma1nfram3's intention:

They have my son.[3]
Ep 42 ends on two armed guards approaching Ma1nfram3 while an attack manifesting as a headache lowers her willpower. In Ep 43, Ma1nfram3 resists this attack with the help of Thumper dice, and fights her way out of this situation with the help, first of Elsie and Fang who were closest to the scene, then of Mordecai who was conveniently driving close by in Van Helshark. It took Cromwell the equivalent of 100 combat turns (an eternity as far as combats are concerned in Shadowrun) to fly there from his Aurora Bridge home using his self-propelled[4] glider[5][6].

Other Facts Edit

Dani was one of Ma1nfram3's starting connections (Connection 1 / Loyalty 2).

She only knows Ma1nfram3's real name, Acacia[7].

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