Established after the death of the great dragon Dunkelzahn.


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Nadja Daviar: Head of the Draco Foundation. Executor of Dunkelzahn's will. Former UCAS First Lady.

Nadja Daviar met MMFEC[1] to discuss why and how the relationship between the Draco Foundation and MMFEC needed to evolve at a time where the latter were on the verge of accepting missions from the mysterious Hand of Dusk. The Draco Foundation was interested in employing MMFEC as double agents infiltrated in HoD but acknowledged that MMFEC could be tempted to switch loyalty to HoD entirely. At that stage, it was unclear to all involved whether MMFEC would find HoD's actions too objectionable to support, or, at the other end of the spectrum, wholly embrace their ideology and jeopardize their relationship with the Draco Foundation.

The very fact that a person such as Daviar could find time for an in-person meeting with MMFEC was proof enough that the stakes were high.

In the Corporate Metagame Edit

Praise about the Draco Foundation Edit

By Pablo Begay, upon retiring from Horizon and handing over operations of his boarding school for disadvantaged metahuman native youths in Seattle, whose operation will now be overseen by the Draco Foundation:
I have left my works in good hands – the Draco Foundation has agreed to take over the orphanage and school with a healthy trust to keep it running – the children will not suffer.  I have closely vetted the Foundation; they, too, do good works, and I feel they are the best custodians of this trust.[2]
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