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Elrondel is an Elven Fixer who has worked with Ma1nfram3 for years since her arrival in Seattle.

Elrondel was also a child of human parents (unexplained genetic expression), who in their surprise named him in reference to the Lord of the Rings books (Elrond + Rivendell) Elrondel takes this connection very seriously and does not respond well to those who think it is some sort of joke. He is very fashion-forward, and an early adopter of many soon-to-be sartorial trends. His flashy exterior belies his ability to keep secrets and work the shadows when needed, wearing them like a cloak.

Elrondel is a child from a large family who managed to stay relatively close despite the UGE factor. However, as a teenager Elrondel's parents sent him to board in Tir Tairgnire and learn about his people. Ma1n sometimes relies on him for Elven information and customs since he is one of the few Elves that know her true race.

First Appearance[]

Elrondel helps Ma1nfram3 track down a clinic affiliated with the Red Blossom experiments in Episode X.

Additional Assistance[]

While in search of Cromwell, Ma1nfram3 enlists El's help tracking any SINless teenagers looking for fakes.

Other Facts[]

Elrondel was one of Ma1nfram3's starting Contacts, with Loyalty 3 and Connection 3.