As of April 2077, Emile Corrigan is Chief of Staff for Seattle Governor Brackhaven. He may be connected to the disappearance of Edmund Jefferies. His whereabouts are currently unknown as of Episode 26.

Mission Target Edit

In Episode 25, MMFEC is sent by the Draco Foundation to assist Seattle District Attorney Dana Oaks. Dana reveals to Elsie evidence that Emile Corrigan is connected to the disappearance of Seattle's former press secretary Edmund Jefferies. Dana asks MMFEC to retrieve Emile for questioning discreetly.

After some reconnaissance in Ep 26, MMFEC discovers that Emile is missing, and his last suspected whereabouts are a corporate retreat on Friday Harbor. In Ep 27 they free him from unknown enemies, and bring him a warehouse, at the request of Dana Oaks. Before she can interview Corrigan, the Shadow runners known as Scarlet Fyre bust in, and Corrigan is apparently killed by a sniper.

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