Background Edit

Hermosillo is a town in Aztlan with a population of about 2,000,000 people.

In Corporate SINs Edit

MMFEC was hired by Aztechnology in Ep 30 to help them stop an outbreak of VITAS in Hermosillo that Aztechnoly had kept and wanted to keep secret. The outbreak was eventually made public by Aztechnology in Ep 32 after MMFEC had helped quell it.

In the Corporate MetagameEdit

Hermosillo made the news when an outbreak of a sickness similar to the devastating VITAS was reported to occur there and Aztechnology actively enforced both a quarantine within and a cover-up without.

Officially, Aztechnology intervened after an earthquake caused unknown damages and claimed an unspecified number of lives. Locals managed to send news that no earthquake had happened.

This incident, and the heroic role played by local EMT Maria Cortes, was first reported by the Seattle Street News in issue #30, with more details in the following issues.