Cromwell's will Edit

After Cromwell's death, Maris, his favorite tea vendor, longtime friend, person in charge of the MCF and the closest to a lawyer he would trust, contacted MMFEC, She had been tasked with reading Cromwell's will. Its full text[1] follows:

The Last Will and Testament of Magnuson Cromwell
Cromwells hat tinybeeman

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Being of sound mind and wonder body, Magnuson Cromwell directs that, upon the official determination of his death, his property be distributed as follows.
One graduation cap and gown, properly tailored, with razor blade-embedded cap corners and hidden pockets to Ellie Hawthorn.
One Harley-Davidson Scorpion, with Heavy Weapons Mount and one dwarven-size punching bag to Shel Glasgow.
One pair of bronze alloy knucks to Mordecai Schulz, for the purposes of termination of bullies.
One Vintage Holographic "TRON[2] cycle light trail holographic projector, custom modded for GMC Bulldog style van bodies to Ma1nfram3.
Magnuson Cromwell further directs that his remains be properly handled by Murk Sanderson, according to the ways and customs of The Bear Doctors of the Salish-Sidhe Nation.[3]

The Wake Edit

When trying to organize a wake, Elsie was distraught when told by Maris that, following the ways and customs of the Bear Doctors, Cromwell's body had been cremated already, or would be as soon as possible. Maris brushed aside Elsie's objections, noting that she was still a minor and didn't have power of attorney.

As Elsie confronted Murk regarding this sensitive topic, he explained that his part had only been to follow orders and bring Cromwell's remains to the Bear Doctors. The whole process had nothing to do with Elsie being human, as she had come to believe.

On that occasion, Murk handed over a case of grenades from Cromwell to Elsie.

The wake finally took place at Beth's Cafe after Mordecai's return from a mysterious 3-day trip he[4] said nothing about.

Tribute from the Seattle Street News Edit

The SSN also mourned the loss of MMFEC's Muscle:

He was not just a runner, only out for himself or the nuyen. He was a troll of integrity, vision, and honor.[5]

One more thing Edit

It soon turned out that the report of Cromwell's death was an exaggeration.[6]
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