Background Edit

Japan, with boundaries largely unchanged in the 6th World, is referred to as the Japanese Imperial State (JIS) as of 2077.

The JIS is home to three megacorporations: Mitsuhama, Renraku and Shiawase.

In the Corporate Metagame Edit

As reported by demmalition1[1], Japan, and more specifically its capital Neo-Tokyo, was the target of

a conspiracy so heinous that MCT deserves to be removed from the Corporate Court.
According to demmalition1,
[...]the MCT Mars base had been turned into a biological weapon by MCT and aimed right at Tokyo. MCT had filled that base with containers full of CFD—containers stolen from Evo. Then they sent this death bomb towards Tokyo.
Their plan was to kill millions of people and infect millions more with CFD, all so they could then swoop in and “save the day” with their New Dawn suited first responders and their possible cure for CFD. They would in turn secure lucrative contracts in billions of nuyen as well as gain massive PR for their efforts. As an added bonus, they get to discredit EVO, one of their hated competitors.
But this didn’t happen. Instead, EVO’s space station crashed into the Mars base before it could destroy Tokyo saving millions.

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