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Josephine Dzhugashvili is a political figure in Seattle. She opposes the prejudiced policies of governor Kenneth Brackhaven toward non-human metahumans.

In Corporate SINs[]

As Ms. Dzhugashvili is both supported by the Draco Foundation and targeted by violent groups such as the Troll Killers, she is at the center of several missions offered by Miss J to MMFEC, in what constitutes an important story arc for Corporate SINs. The members of MMFEC support to varying degrees the positions of Ms. Dzhugashvili. Cromwell's involvement visibly goes beyond the Draco foundation's missions.

In the Corporate Metagame[]

The Seattle Street News published a profile of Josephine Dzhugashvili:

January 2078 brought the newly elected Governor of Seattle Josephine Dzhugashvili into office. One of her first acts was to introduce a set of sweeping laws and proposals through the Legislature collectively known as the SINless Acts. These are laws and policies meant to help the poorest of the poor by giving access to education and medical services. Finally the SINless have a chance to rise up.

Ms. Dzhugashvili grew up an only child of Russian immigrants to UCAS, a child prodigy that graduated from Harvard at 17 and attained her Masters from Kennedy School of Government at 23. Despite her dumpshock induced stroke during Crash 2.0 in 2064 and loss to Brackhaven in the 2070 Governor’s Race (where he revealed she suffered from AIPS), she has done more for the SINless than any person I know. With her help Prop 23 passed in 2074, legitimizing the Ork Underground as an official district of Seattle. This decision was fraught with contention at the time, as it was seen by quite a few people as a power grab which would allow the jackbooted thugs of Knights Errant to legally enter the Underground and give everyone down there a nice and shiny Criminal SIN. Luckily, that never came to pass and the Fools Errant remain confined to mostly tourist areas around The Big Rhino and Lordstrung’s.[1]

  1. See demmalition1's story in SSN #48.