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Kenneth Brackhaven has a long history which includes a failed bid for the UCAS presidency against Dunklezahn, in 2057. The real Kenneth Brackhaven was goblinized into an ork in 2023, but was "cured" by his father, Charles Brackhaven. Most suspect that the real Kenneth Brackhaven was murdered, and replaced by a human stand-in.

Regardless, Brackhaven has risen to the top of politics by promoting anti-metahuman agendas and by using his family's vast wealth to bribe those who might object to some of his less-than-equal-minded political connections.

In 2070, Brackhaven was elected governor of the Seattle Metroplex whenJosephine Dzhugashvili was forced to withdraw, after rumors surfaced that she suffered from AIPS, a form of schizophrenia that afflicts technomancers.

In Corporate SINs[]

While MMFEC has not yet encountered Brackhaven directly, the group's work with the Draco Foundation has put them in alliance with individuals who are working against Brackhaven. Cromwell considers Brackhaven among the top of his enemies, due to his anti-meta agenda.

MMFEC's investigation of Emile Corrigan 's death allowed Dana Oaks to expose Brackhaven's crimes, cause his resignation[1] and provoke an election.

Further Reading[]

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