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Poses of Lei Song (with name in Chinese characters) Picture posted on twitter by Shelley Low

The teenage daughter of Wuxing executive Zhi Song, Lei Song (Chinese: 宋蕾[1]) facilitated Yakuza attacks on Wuxing shipments by passing information on them to her friend Yuki Inoue, herself the daughter of a Yakuza leader.

As MMFEC successfully disrupted an attack, Lei Song uncovered Elsie's identity, sent the Whitetrees on her track, ultimately forcing her to feign death and change her identity once again.

Last time she met Elsie at the end of this arc, in Ep 25, the ambitious and cunning Lei, no longer affiliated to Wuxing, seemed well on her way to join the Yakuza.

When she met Elsie again in Ep 57, she had named her gang of teenagers Iberis. On that occasion she had this to say about herself:

I might be a stone cold bitch as some people call me but I’m not that terrible.

  1. See how sheliloquy chose 蕾 for Lei, here and here. Lauren agreed with this choice.