Num Title Air Date Summary Link
1 At the Rapid Rabbit Mar 2, 2016 In the premiere episode of Shadowrun: Corporate SINs, the Shadowrunners find themselves in a bar fight at the Rapid Rabbit! YouTube
2 Coming for Winter Mar 9, 2016 The Shadowrunners are in pursuit of a mysterious man named Winther. When they find him, the drek hits the fan! YouTube
3 Venus Raging Mar 16, 2016 The Shadowrunners are hired to do more property damage, but may be in for more than they bargained for... YouTube
4 Geeked by Mages Mar 23, 2016 Having angered the powerful wizgang member Venus, will the runners make it out alive? YouTube
5 Science of Extraction Mar 30, 2016 After their initial reconnaissance of the site where Naseam Deylan is kept, MMFEC are ready for the extraction proper... YouTube
6 Science Delivery Apr 6, 2016 After successfully extracting Naseam, the runners must deliver them conscious to Miss J. Cross Applied Technologies might have some other ideas... YouTube
7 Political Defence Apr 13, 2016[1] After some much needed time off Team MMFEC are hired to provide protection during a local politicians fundraising gala.  YouTube
8 Ad Meta-hominen Apr 20, 2016 Team MMFEC have been hired to protect Miss Dzhugashvilli at her political fundraiser. Will they manage to infiltrate the event and stop the imminent attack? YouTube
9 In Pursuit of PR Apr 27, 2016 The runners are hired by their first AAA corp, EVO. Will they be able to uncover and find evidence of illegal metahuman research? YouTube
10 The Red Blossom May 4, 2016 MMFEC are tasked with infiltrating a Shiawase research facility, will they find the evidence and get Ma1nfram3 out in time? YouTube
11 Bed Side Manner May 11, 2016 HTR is on its way, and the runners are short on evidence, will they get the patients and the information out in time? YouTube
12 Multiple Intelligences May 18, 2016 MMFEC are hired by a Megacorp to test run some new toys, but it's not long before they get more than they bargained for... YouTube
13 Trains, Planes, and Getaways May 25, 2016 MMFEC prepare to extract CFD patient Mr. Yoshida from Mitsuhama. Then there's the issue of cross country transport... YouTube
14 Pip Pip Cheerio Jun 1, 2016 After finishing up their run for Mitsuhama, MMFEC goes after a long lost friend of Cromwell. YouTube
15 Pummeled With Good Intentions Jun 8, 2016 In an attempt to help Cromwell's old friend Pip, MMFEC may be getting into more trouble than they bargained for. YouTube
16 It's a Little Planet After All Jun 15, 2016 Shortly after MMFEC return from their adventures abroad, they're hired by a Corp to investigate mysterious technical difficulties at their soon to open theme park. YouTube
17 The Underpark Jun 22, 2016 MMFEC head into the tunnels under Horizon's new theme park, Sunset Island, to track down a technomancer that has been shutting down rides and threatening visitors. YouTube
18 Into the Underpark Jun 29, 2016 Cut off from the upper world and separated, MMFEC have little choice but to proceed farther into the tunnels under Sunset Island in hopes of stopping the menacing technomancer. YouTube
19 Hunting the Hunters Jul 6, 2016 MMFEC are contacted by an old employer in hope of discovering who exactly hired the Troll Killers and how deep does the threat to Dzhugashvili run? YouTube
20 Follow the Money Jul 13, 2016 MMFEC are on the trail of the Troll Hunters, and uncovering the name who funded their attack on Josephine Dzhugashvili.  YouTube
21 Back to School Jul 20, 2016 MMFEC is hired to investigate attacks by the Yakuza on a corp's shipments to find out who has been passing on information to the gang. YouTube
22 Gangs and Ships Jul 27, 2016 MMFEC begin to realize the leaks of Wuxing shipping information to the Yakuza might be more complex than they seemed. YouTube
23 We're on a Boat! Aug 3, 2016 Will MMFEC stop the Yakuza from hijacking the Wuxing ship, and are Cromwell and Elsie safe from the Whitetrees? YouTube
24 MMFE to the Rescue Aug 10, 2016 Cromwell has been taken by the Yakuza, can the remaining members of MMFEC rescue him before the Whitetree family get ahold of him? YouTube
25 Returning Favours Aug 17, 2016 MMFE needs to rescue Cromwell quickly, or risk being short a teammate when they have to pay back a favour owed. YouTube
26 A Swift Retreat Aug 24, 2016 MMFEC are in the trail of Emile Corrigan, who may hold the key to bringing down Brakenhaven, but they are not the only ones interested in him. YouTube
27 Retreat from Politics Aug 31, 2016 MMFEC has tracked Emile Corrigan to an elite corporate retreat- now they just have to get him out and to Dana Oaks alive for questioning. Easy, right? YouTube
28 Making Friends, Breaking Files Sep 14, 2016 With Corrigan dead, can MMFEC prove their innocence and get the information to take Brakhaven down? YouTubeTwitchVOD
29 Five Shadowrunners & A Cyber Leg Sep 21, 2016 MMFEC need to secure a set of cyberlegs, and heavily secured data files. All while making sure nobody ends up in jail permanently. TwitchVOD


30 Ritual Delivery Sep 28, 2016 MMFEC aims to acquire vital information to bring Brakhaven down. Before being hired by Aztechnology for a special delivery. YouTube
31 Runner's Choice October 5, 2016 MMFEC are stuck in a difficult situation. Do they allow Granny Powell to be sacrificed or much of the population of Hermasillo to die from VITAS? YouTube - Part 1

YouTube - Part 2

32 Quarantine Well October 12, 2016 MMFEC seek a solution to to the VITAS outbreak in Hermosillo that doesn't require an unwilling sacrifice. But will this mean the end of one of their members? YouTube
33 A Tale of Two Sisters October 19, 2016 The team has some time to recover from the events in Hermosillo, but it's not long before one of them is called up to repay an old favor. YouTube
34 Calls of the Wild October 26, 2016 MMFEC need to escort Miss J into the Shasta Shaman's new lodge, but the forest might have some surprises in store. YouTube
35 Copy Race November 2, 2016 The election for Seattle Governor is heating up, but there is something odd about several of the candidates. MMFEC are sent in to investigate. YouTube
36 1 Clone, 2 Clone...3 Clone?  November 9, 2016 MMFEC continue to investigate a number of the candidates for Seattle metroplex Governor, who may in fact be clones. YouTube
37 One Eye Witness November 16, 2016 With suspicion rising about the rise and nature of Arislen clones, MMFEC are hired to track down a potential witness to their genesis. YouTube
38 Rock the Vote November 30, 2016 The Seattle Metroplex governor election is here, MMFEC is hired along with other runners to provide additional protection during the election.[2] YouTube
39 Voter Supression December 7, 2016 Election day is underway, and tensions are high. Can MMFEC and other runners keep the polls safe for voters in the Ork Underground? YouTube
40 The Votes Are In December 14, 2016 Polling has closed and the votes are coming in. Surely nothing too terrible can happen before the race for Governor is called? YouTube
41 Riots and Rituals December 21, 2016 A dragon is terrorizing Seattle! Can MMFEC-can anyone-stop it before the city is leveled? YouTube
42 Gala-had a Squire January 4, 2017 Strangely coincidental disappearances are happening in the metroplex, as one of the runners has an all to close brush with their past. YouTube
43 Squaring Away Squires January 18, 2017[3] Children are disappearing, Ma1nfram3's past has come back to haunt her, and the Ares squires are not what they seem. Can MMFEC protect the vulnerable citizens of Seattle? YouTube
44 Children of the Academy January 25, 2017 After a narrow escape from Ares clutches, the Runners will have to decide how to deal with Galahad Academy and their fraudulent squires![4] YouTube
45 A Night Among Squires February 1, 2017 MMFEC infiltrates the Ares Galahad Academy in order to expose their plot to brainwash and experiment on children. YouTube
46 Go With The Tempo February 8, 2017 During Pendelton's retirement party Fang and the gang sneak into Knight Errant's offices to copy evidence about who framed her for the death of her old partner. YouTube
47 Keep Them Talking or Something Explodes  February 15, 2017 The Runners need to keep the corrupt cop Aksharra Nandri[5] at the Cutters base long enough that Knight Errant can catch her working directly with them. YouTube
48 Finding Elijah February 22, 2017 The runners are sent to uncover the tie between the Megacorps and the mysterious dragon that attacked Seattle on election night.
YouTube - Part 1YouTube - Part 2
49 Collection of Conspirators March 1, 2017 The gang of Runners continues their search for information about the mysterious dragon and its corporate ties, and who or what is the HOD. YouTube
50 The Mage-ineers March 8, 2017 MMFEC are hired to track down a missing engineer and their research team, but a side job might make everything a little bit harder. YouTube
51 Double Jobs, Double Trouble March 15, 2017 MMFEC have been hired by Magitek Enterprises to rescue missing engineers, while Miss J wants the team to uncover the nature of their research. YouTube
52 Elves of the Moores March 22, 2017 MMFEC deals with the fallout of failing their last run, while strange messages and warnings come to the group.  YouTube
53 A Call for Help  March 29, 2017 After their trip to Tír na nÓg, MMFEC return to cryptic messages, a mystery job and a call for help. YouTube
54 Into the Biodome April 5, 2017 Mai1nfram3 distract a powerful AI, while the rest infiltrate Horizon's research center, aiming to rescue three imprisoned technomancers. YouTube
55 Black Bag April 12, 2017 MMFEC is captured and wake up alone in a strange and dangerous building. Who captured them and why are they there? YouTube
56 The Test April 19, 2017 Having escaped their first trap, MMFEC still don't know what their captors want from them or if they will get out alive. YouTube
57 Don't Mess with Iberis April 26, 2017 Elsie is called to return a favor for Lei Song and her gang of teenagers, but nothing is ever simple when family gets involved.  YouTube
58 Family Whitetree May 3, 2017 Elsie's violent half-sister Violet is in town, and intent on finding her. Can Elsie escape her family's clutches? Why is her sister here? YouTube
59 HoD is Calling May 17, 2017[6] MMFEC are contacted by the Hand of Dusk for a mysterious mission involving Pacific Rim Telecommunications. What is the shadowy group up to? YouTube
60 A Chip Into the Ol Uplink May 24, 2017 MMFEC have 12 hours to get to the Puyallup Barrens, break into a secured Satellite up-link facility and install a data-chip with unknown data on it. Easy. YouTube
61 The Past Comes Back May 31, 2017 After completing their run for the Hand of Dusk, MMFEC may find themselves regretting some of their old actions. YouTube
62 A Meeting of Merlyns June 7, 2017 Cromwell and Elsie are in the hands of the Merlyns. What does the wiz gang want, and can MMF get there in time? YouTube
63 The Gangs of Seattle June 14, 2017 After a near fatal run in with the Merlyn Wizgang, MMFEC have a target on their back and several angry enemies. YouTube
64 A Tip of the Hand June 21, 2017 While still mourning their loss, MMFEC are called by the Hand of Dusk for a far from routine job. Can they manage one member down, what is the Hands true plan? YouTube
65 An Ending June 28, 2017 A space station, an astral rift, several elite runners, and a dragon, MMFEC are small players in a very big game that is about to end. YouTube

Special Episodes Edit

Num Title Air Date Summary Link
1 Corporate PETs: The Longest Journey Sep 7, 2016 Seattle's newest heroes must escape imprisonment by their well-meaning but ignorant captors, if they're to stop a looming catastrophe in the Aztechnology pyramid. YouTube
2 A very MMFEC Corpsmas Dec 28, 2016 A very special holiday episode of Shadowrun: CorpSINs, live from Ma1nfram3's apartment! Cromwell GMs an RPG session set in 1990 for MMFE & Miss J. YouTube
3 After the Final Run July 5, 2017 This is Shadowrun: After The Run where the cast go over the 65 episode adventure they had on Corporate SINS! YouTube
  1. Lauren introduced the "tipping for edge" at the beginning of this episode.
  2. The election takes place on the usual day for an election in the U.S., that is on Tuesday November 2, 2077.
  3. There was no episode on January 11. There was a one-shot session of a different game GMed by Claudia instead. See it here.
  4. This episode takes place during the last week of 2077.
  5. This is currently the spelling on the YouTube page. See Lauren's spelling here.
  6. There was no episode on May, 10. There was a one-shot session of a different game GMed by Tony instead. See Fantasy Age RPG One Shot | Movie Magic: Worlds Collide! here.
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