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The Magnuson Cromwell Foundation (or MCF, for short) is dedicated to providing non-gang-related options for both human and meta teenagers in the Seattle Metroplex area. It currently exists as a small trust fund, with a part time administrator employed by the Draco Foundation, and is looking for metahuman volunteers to mentor disadvantaged youth in the Seattle Metroplex.

This rant about the Amethyst Order by Cromwell might apply to the MCF as well:

Look, just take it from me, it seems like sometimes, just anybody can put together some kind of "organization" what looks after children and just do whatever they want with it in the 6th World [...][1]

The MCF has a Reading for the Blind program that uses Darkest Magic tomes to help teach pupils how to read[2].

The current trust is approx. 2,000,042,500¥, due to a generous donation from the Evo Corporation.

As everything seemed to be working out for Cromwell children mentored by the MCF started to disappear in strange circumstances, leading MMFEC to investigate about an unofficial local branch of Ares's Squires catering to SINless youths, the Amethyst Order[3].

Staff and Operatives Edit

Maris: Cromwell's favorite tea vendor, Maris seems to have far more connections in the shipping (legal and otherwise) community than one would suspect. She has aided Cromwell on more than one occasion, and seems to know him from the past.

Murk Sanderson: A Troll friend of Cromwell from his past in Boston, Murk still holds down a job at Beth's: a 24 hour greasy diner on Aurora Avenue.

Gavroche: This theater major and good Gavroche sees life as a stage, is constantly acting[4][5], and only wants to go TO THE THEATER. He is or was one of Elsie's interns at the MCF[6].

Darshan[7]: This fencer is always seen carrying an oddly-shaped backpack containing the tools of his trade[8].

Oliver First: In 2078, the Magnuson Cromwell Foundation had an office in Bellevue, where a group of Shadowrunners took a 12-year-old cybernetically enhanced human named named Oliver First on a run to disrupt a Halloweeners gang event in the Seattle barrens.[9]

A secret organization? Edit

Ma1nfram3 and Mordecai knew beforehand what the MCF did and Mordecai had even donated ¥50.000 to it but they only found out how closely it was linked to Cromwell when Mordecai suggested its program could be an option to rehabilitate Elsie's younger sister, Violet.

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