Scooby is a GMC-Nissan Doberman drone owned and operated by Ma1nfram3.

First Appearance Edit

Scooby was purchased as a companion in Ep 25 after returning from the Cromwell rescue. Ma1nfram3 provided him with a basic companionship program that allows him to autonomously patrol her apartment, wake her, and emit comforting bark sounds at random intervals when her presence is detected.

Offensive Capabilities Edit

Ma1nfram3 is still deciding on a weapon to install. For now, Scooby is borrowing Ma1n's backup firearm, a Colt America L36.

Further appearances Edit

When Mordecai and Ma1nfram3 drove Scooby to Mordecai's lodge where he was going to stay until Ma1nfram3 got a new flat, Cheryl reminded the audience that He has a dog AI which may or may not be the disembodied spirit of an actual dog.[1]

  1. See this reference to SpEp 1 in Ep 44.