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Scooby is a GMC-Nissan Doberman drone owned and operated by Ma1nfram3.

First Appearance[]

Scooby was purchased as a companion in Ep 25 after returning from the Cromwell rescue. Ma1nfram3 provided him with a basic companionship program that allows him to autonomously patrol her apartment, wake her, and emit comforting bark sounds at random intervals when her presence is detected.

Offensive Capabilities[]

Ma1nfram3 is still deciding on a weapon to install. For now, Scooby is borrowing Ma1n's backup firearm, a Colt America L36.

Further appearances[]

When Mordecai and Ma1nfram3 drove Scooby to Mordecai's lodge where he was going to stay until Ma1nfram3 got a new flat, Cheryl reminded the audience that He has a dog AI which may or may not be the disembodied spirit of an actual dog.[1]

  1. See this reference to SpEp 1 in Ep 44.