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Shadowrunners (or runners for short) are the mercenaries of the 6th World. Hired by Johnsons for jobs that require fast, effective and discreet execution, they wield an assortment of weapons, magic and SINs.

Echo Mirage, the group of fringe theorists, white-hat hackers, conspiracy nuts and wide-eyed dreamers that, over the course of several years, managed to isolate and contain the Crash Virus that had hit the Internet on February 8th, 2029, is seen as the first team of shadowrunners.[1]

In Corporate SINs[]

Famous shadowrunners[]

MMFEC and Scarlet Fyre are groups of shadowrunners featured in Corporate SINs.


Lauren's tells the players, in her very first introduction, that you have acquired the three essentials that belong to any Shadowrunner: jobs, booze, and jobs.[2]

Mordecai has many thoughts to share about runners and runs, such as in this tweet. Here are a few thoughts from Ep 6.

Discussing Fang's deep dislike of drugs:

You, you wanna be a shadowrunner, you know, this is part of the territory, right? It's not all ... just happiness and stabbing.

A little later, in reply to Cromwell's We're alive:

That's the shadowrunner's prayer.

To which Fang replied with her own piece of insight:

I’ve learnt from shadowrunning today that we do what needs to be done on the shadowrun.[3]

In the Corporate Metagame[]

Several groups of runners have been mentioned by various corporations.

Seattle Street News offers its own definition of shadowrunning.[4]

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