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Sharky is one of the mysterious denizens of the Metaplanes, the spirit of a dwarven great white shark that aids Mordecai in his travels and studies. He is known for his love of violence and mayhem, but remains fiercely protective of his protégé and those he cares about[1].

Sharky started openly mocking Mordecai when Mordecai started his ritualistic cleansing, which all but prevented him from summoning Sharky. This led to a funny scene at the beginning of Ep 53.

Sharky doesn't live in a fish tank. As Mordecai clarified to Ma1nfram3: Sharky would destroy any tank, pretty quick.[2]

Known Forms[]


Sharky most frequently appears as a Spirit of Water, firing lightning bolts from his eyes as his primary method of attack.[3]

A force 6 Sharky made Mordecai walk fast[4] from the place he had had Ma1nfram3 drop him at 1 AM in Everett and Talia's place. He estimated his travel time to one hour. After a discussion where enquiries were made about the way in which Sharky increased Mordecai's velocity, he explained that Sharky was using his fins to push him[5].[6]

Mordecai summoned Water Sharky after his attempt to parlay with Andromeda and other Merlyns at the Wizard's Hat failed and diplomacy had to be continued by other means.[7]

Water Sharky[8] was the one who had to suffer the discomfort of being slowly shattered in the rift where Dynah had already been ripped apart. With the two services he owed, he increased Fang and Cromwell's speed, allowing MMFEC to enter Ciaradh's space station just before the rift was closed by the detonation of a nuke.[9]

Land Sharky[]

Formed of various pieces of terrain bonded together by magic, this Spirit of Earth has a giant tree growing out of his head that he uses for various purposes.

During an eventful night, and right after Cromwell's enquiry about Mordecai's alleged date with Talia had eclipsed[10] Ma1nfram3's heroic efforts to save the group and her van from being hit by a hail of bullets, Mordecai summoned, between Ma1nfram3's van and the car whence the aforementioned hail had originated, force 6 Land Sharky. It was thus introduced:

Up from out of the highway, soars majestically Sharky, but it's different. This is Sharky... he's got all pieces of like, road and earth, and little trees coming out of him: this is Land Sharky. [...] He is in fact a street shark.[11]

Mordecai summoned Land Sharky to send a shock wave capable of multiplying a person's movement by 8 and then (unsuccessfully) to slow a van driven by MMFEC's opponents by slamming its fins on it[12].

In the Puyallup Barrens, Land Sharky slapped his fin on the ground and created four ripples, thus helping Mordecai, Fang, Elsie and Cromwell run the 30 kilometers that separated them from their objectives after their two motorcycles had been crippled in a failed attempt by a group of Night Prowlers to rob them[13].

Sky Sharky[]

With razor-like talons, giant wings and billowing with clouds, the Spirit of Air is the most ethereal form of Sharky.

Beast Sharky[]

A bizarre amalgam of earthen creatures, Sharky appears as a Spirit of Beasts and gains the ability to command other animals to do his bidding[14].

Super Saiyan Sharky/Mega Sharky[]

A powered-up version of Sharky that has a cybernetic eye and crab claws sticking out of his side that wield an electric eel whip. It's been said the force that summoned this form of Sharky was powerful enough to drag some of the ocean into the Astral Plane with him, including small fish and seaweed[15].

Mordecai summoned Mega Sharky to conceal both him and Fang as they prepared to jump from Cromwell's plane and levitate over the Pacific Rim compound[16].

Mega Sharky helped MMFEC defeat Venus and the Merlyns at the Wizard's Hat. Elsie, still attached to a metal chair by a bleeding leg, rode Mega Sharky to safety[17].

Giga Sharky[]

Though nobody can confirm it, rumours abound that the immense force of Thumper Power once succeeded in summoning Giga Sharky, a massive version of Sharky with a cybernetic face and jaw that would come unhinged to launch ice missiles. If such a fearsome beast truly existed, all would tremble before it. Giga Sharky took part in the fight against Sunset Island's angry technomancer, later known as Fl33t[18].

Cyber Sharky[]

Mordecai used special, powerful reagents provided by an undisclosed corporation to summon Cyber Sharky in his solo run against Shiawase. Cyber Sharky was as clueless as his summoner in all things Matrix, though[19].

Variant Forms[]

Ma1nfram3 Sharky HellsAngelSharks sheliloquy.jpg

Sharky has been known to take on other various forms when the situation requires it or the mood suits him, including a mildly offensive Japanese stereotype, a train conductor, a chimney sweep, a carnival barker, and Sharky Attorney At Law.

Final Form[]

Scholars of the Metaplanes theorize that Sharky must possess a Final Form that reveals his true nature and is even more great and terrible than his currently known forms. If such a form exists we metahumans can only speculate as to its nature.

Words That Are Used To Describe Sharky[]

  • Majestic
  • Majesty
  • Violent
  • Wise
  • Powerful
  • Hungry
  • Incredible
  • Awesome
  • God-like
  • OP
  • Benevolent
  • Fish
  • Sharky is not known for his restraint, or emotion regulation, or higher cognitive functions.[20]

Sharky Mordecai sheliloquy.jpg

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