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Talia Monger is an independently licensed talismonger operating out of the Seattle Metroplex. She owns Talia's Den of Magic, which is both a brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle and a mobile shop operating out of her Toyota Gopher that stations itself around the city week-to-week. An Aspected Magician in the field of Enchanting, she studied hermetic magic at the University of Washington and has networked and traded in magical wares for over twenty years.

Relationship with Mordecai[]

Mordecai is one of Talia's customers, and may be more than just a customer... In Talia's words, as Mordecai was calling her at 1 AM to get a detox spell:

You are not my best customer but one of my more amusing customers ... one of my more endearing ones.

Mordecai: You used to call me your best customer.

Talia: Well, my best customers come with nuyen already. [...] You used to come in with nuyen.

Mordecai also explained that his offering a favor was also more representative emotionally of how important this is to me.

When they actually met at her store, his unusually genial if not sheepish behavior contrasted sharply with all the marks of her displeasure in her speech and in the hurried aspect of the detox talisman. He pushed as far as requesting a bag to take it.[1]


Talia's Twitter feed is operated by her nephew Aiyrun and keeps interested parties up to date on weekly specials[2].

As of Ep 60, Talia is not aware that Mordecai and Ma1nfram3 are together.

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  2. This feed was updated regularly until this note on July 3, 2017.