(Photograph courtesy of @Kamber on Twitter)


Van Helshark is a totally bitching[1][2] van that was abandoned outside the Rapid Rabbit and bequeathed by Oz to Mordecai as a result. Its primary feature is a glow-in-the-dark mural of a shark on the side of it. Its new owner has made several pragmatic upgrades to it, including a mechanical arm, gun ports, a winch, and possibly ejector seats???

Van Helshark drives as if it had square wheels. They are not off-kilter, though, because

That would be silly. (Dan)[3]

In the Corporate MetagameEdit

The Seattle Street News reports in issue #31 that, before it became Van Helshark, this van was first donated by Renraku to the Frida Elina Key Mission of Mercy charity.

  1. Or, as Mordecai lovingly suggests in Ep 43: So bitchin'.
  2. See also this dialogue during Dan's intro in Ep 57: --Dan (to Claudia): Did you have ... thoughts you wanted to...? --Claudia: It's not yellow, so... you know... --Dan: It's bitchin'. It's got a shark on the side that glows in the dark. Anyway. Cheryl then started a brief discussion regarding Dan's use of bitching vs. bitchin'.
  3. See Ep 43.