Wuxing, Incorporated is one of the 10 AAA megacorporations in the 6th World. It is headquartered in Hong Kong.

In Corporate SINs Edit

Wuxing hired MMFEC to investigate attacks on their shipments in the Back to School run.

The following employees of Wuxing were introduced during this run:

The evolving romance between Ma1nfram3 and Captain Moore put Wuxing in the backdrop of several later episodes.

In the Corporate MetagameEdit

MMFEC run won during the runners lottery Edit

The Back to School run was won by Wuxing in the lottery.

Notable executives Edit

Christy Adkins: Head of Wuxing Media Relations.

Fallout from the Hermosillo incident Edit

An RSL57 biological containment unit supplied by Wuxing was blamed by Aztechnology for the VITAS outbreak in Hermosillo. Wuxing strongly denied this allegation[1].

Weeks later,

with aid from Evo and Saeder-Krupp, Wuxing put on a massive concert to benefit the people of Hermosillo. The concert headliners were AllStar and Super Universe and according to tipsters on the scene, it was an amazing concert. Da1syCha1n described the concert, “It was swag chummer! So many people! SINner, SINless…no diff omae. All love, all around.” A Wuxing representative noted that concert broke a fundraising record and all the money will go to help the people of Hermosillo rebuild not only their city, but also their lives[2].

The Eustace Zhalang scandal Edit

Eustace Zhalang, as a high ranking executive of Wuxing's board, was rich and famous, a prominent name in many a circle of high society. She was also running sham charities, stealing from a gullible public. One of her shady enterprises in particular led the infamous Molotov and his Hellhound gang to go after her.

The sixteen deaths, including her own suicide at the age of 88, that resulted from the Molotov's attack on her heavily guarded mansion, ensured that the crimes she had committed in Wuxing's name and had been concealed for years would finally be brought to light by the press.[3]
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