Yuki poses with characters sheliloquy

Poses of Yuki, with her name in Japanese characters. Picture posted on twitter by Shelley Low

Yuki Inoue (Japanese: 井上 雪[1]) is the daughter of a senior Yakuza executive.

The first time Elsie met Yuki was apparently the junior partner in a criminal partnership with her schoolmate Lei Song. Yuki acted tough, was protective of Lei, talked little. The true, possibly asymmetrical, nature of her relationship with Lei was only hinted at and her motivations in facilitating the attacks on Wuxing were unclear.

When Elsie met Lei and Yuki again[2], it was clearer that the two were actually girlfriends. Yuki was a member of Lei's gang, Iberis.

  1. Yuki means snow, as explained by Claudia/Fang in Ep 57.
  2. See Ep 57.
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